Papers on Introducing Children to a Logo Computer Culture

These papers are similar but different. I hear Seymour’s voice in them.

Leading a Child to a Computer Culture
1975 Artificial Intelligence Memo No. 343 and Logo Memo 20
Presented at SIGCSE-SIGCUE Symposium, Anaheim, California, February, 1976

A Case Study of a Young Child Doing Turtle Graphics in Logo
Comments by Seymour Papert
1976 Artificial Intelligence Memo No. 375 and Logo Memo 28
1975 Logo Working Paper 44

Teaching Young Children to Program in a Logo Turtle Computer Culture
Report: Logo Learning and Teaching Styles
ACM SIGCUE BULLETIN, July, 1978, pps. 20-29.

A First Lesson
1974 Logo Working Paper 26

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