Atari Cambridge Research

Atari Cambridge Research 1982-84

In this very short lived lab a group of us, many of whom had been part of the MIT AI Lab’s Logo Group, imagined a children’s playstation of the future. Videos below show pieces of our work.

At the same time we also taught Atari Logo to children. About Logo is a video of one such experience in a California school.

Atari 1

Just before the lab shut down we made a 25-minute video of our work. I have divided that video into the following seven segments. (Notes on Atari.)


Atari 2

Margaret on gesture

Atari 3

Ed on Gesture and Gary on object oriented Logo (Qlogo)

Atari 4

Mike on dance movement, Mark on puppetry, Max on force feedback.

Atari 5

David on music

Atari 6

Tom and Jim on music

Atari 7

Marvin’s reflections

Atari 8

We had a lot of wonderfully talented and fun-loving people working with us to build the children’s playstation of the future. Here Greg Gargarian holds an Atari sign as he shows Danny around the lab.


One project we tackled at Atari resulted in LogoWorks: Challenging Programs in Logo, published by McGraw Hill (BYTE Books) in 1985. This collection of Logo projects was edited by me, Margaret Minsky and Brian Harvey. Many friends including Danny and Greg contributed projects. logoworks.jpgAs it happens the book got published after Atari was shut down and re-opened in a new identity.

In our (Twenty Things paper)[./documents/AIM-248.pdf] Seymour describes a puppet machine.


It never worked but stood as a model and in 1982 Mark Gross built and programmed a different puppet machine as can be seen on an Atari video.

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